Nepal Travel Weather. See huge snow-capped Himalayan peaks

Nepal Travel Weather. See huge snow-capped Himalayan peaks

Anyone who wants to visit the children in the remote mountain villages, is welcome to attend. I am happy to help you with travel arrangements. You will find such a friendly reception by the people that you are visiting your life, never forget. The best months for the province of Dolakha can you see in the following table. The tuition for the children is due in mid-March and it is fortunate that at this time there is no monsoon, the roads are passable. You'll also see huge snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas.

WEATHER & BEST TIME TO TRAVEL NEPAL Weather report of Dolakha (Average)

January:   max 19 - min  6 oC
Month of February:   max 20 - min  7 oC
Month of March:   max 24 - min 10 oC
Month of Aprill:   max 28 - min 16 oC
Month of May:   max 32 - min 19 oC
Normally jan to march we need to ware warm cloth then after starting raining session. But weather will be warm.

The people can see the mountains usually Jan to April.

January to Aprill: Yes
Month of May: Yes but sometimes should be raining. And should be cloudy day.

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Infos: Gauri Shanka.

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